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When it comes to psychological stress or trauma, your therapy of choice today will be MXP or Methoxphenidine. MXP will antagonize distribution of the glutamate throughout the brain, and positively affect your perception of stress and painful emotions as well as your response to the environment and its effect on you. Since MXP is still not formally regulated in UK, now is just the right time to buy this effective medicine online.

In today's hectic and demanding society, most of us very often come into a situation of high and prolonged stress, or experience difficult trauma (physical or psychological) that leaves profound and long-lasting consequences. These consequences can be physical and psychological, and in order to handle the physical ones, you first must deal with psychological. In order to diminish psychological consequences of the stress and trauma that can't be taken care of through mere therapeutic work, one sometimes has to use pharmaceutical therapy. Therapy of choice should be the one that is effective, and doesn't have unpleasant or harmful side-effects.

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What is Methoxphenidine - MXP ?

The full chemical name of this pharmacological discovery is 1-[1-(2-methoxyphenyl)-2-phenylethylpiperidine, and it is very similar to drug Diphenidine (recently launched), MXP works as an antagonist for glutamate receptors and provides same effect as chemicals that have recently been subject of successful research studies, such as MXE. It must be noted that Diphenidine is closer in action and chemical formula to4-MeO-PCP, while MXP is closer (content-wise and in effect) to MXE. It is still more potent and effective per singular dose then MXE, because it works without delay, and in a more pleasant way, because there is less possibility to experience dissociative states of mind-it has more positive, euphoric effect, as it has been reported by the significant number of individuals who have tested drug so far.

MXP chemically develop better potential of glutamate antagonists, which subsequently increases number of opening of chloride channels. This causes hyper polarization of neurons and their more difficult outbreak which subsequently decreases neural activity on specific locations in brain-which is the reason for the problems patient with dissociative episodes experience. One of the important positive sides of MXP is that it is very safe medication. This means that you basically can't overdose with MXP (with fatal effect)-unless you choose to consume it with large amount of alcohol! In such a situation, one can experience dangerous respiratory stress. This said, it is important to consume MXP safely in order to experience positive effects of it-so, it is necessary to avoid alcohol while taking it. This will also minimize possibility for negative dissociative episodes while using MXP. MXP absorbs well and effectively when taken orally, and achieves highest concentration within first hour. It strongly binds to plasma proteins in blood, and their high dissolving quality in lipids causes the effect that it will stock up (in fat tissue). Although the most common way of MXP introduction is orally, it can also be taken respiratory. MXP fully completes metabolic process, there are no residues in organism-in the end it gets excreted through urine.

One can safely say that MXP is the drug that you want to try because it has number of positive effects that you want to see from this type of therapy:

  • Smaller dosage will achieve necessary effect
  • It absorbs fairly quickly
  • It gets excreted fully
  • In most of the cases, experience is positive, even euphoric
  • In other cases, individuals experienced dissociative episodes which in these cases were the desired effect-meaning, MXP has achieved the goal!

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MXP - Methoxetamine trip experience - effects

From so-far reported MXP usage experiences, it can be said that it is effective and pleasurable. It more often caused euphoric feeling, rather than dissociation. Consumers reported positive experience of distortion of vision and sound, and enjoyable emotion of dissociation from the surroundings and personal issues (problems and stress), which was exactly the desired effect. MXP effectively and swiftly reduced and blocked negative thoughts and stress, causing positive mild hallucinations and dreamy feeling like trance. It is reported that all of the stress and anxiety seemed as "washed away", and many of reports include positive emotions of joy, euphoria and pleasurable emotional state, that tends to last for prolonged periods. Consumers reported mentioned positive effects after lower dosage then with diphenidine (for an example, it took around 80 mg MXP in comparison to 110 mg Diphenidine to experience the same effects). On the other side, there are less reports of negative dissociative states of mind that are more often reported with Diphenidine usage. Users have reported very positive experience of introspective state of mind but in an optimistic and positive way, which is definitely something to look after if you are feeling a need or simply a desire to try MXP. It is positive that traumatic events can be pushed aside and stress seems to be forgotten or emotionally analyzed in a positive and constructive way. With MXP, it seems that users don't experience negative side-effects of similar antagonists-it is effective, positive, brings you energy, absorption is fast and it acts long. It is definitely something you should buy!

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